About Communication Skills Center

I have been a speech pathologist for more than 40 years. I am state licensed and certified by the American Speech-Language Association.

I take great pride in having helped hundreds of children learn to talk normally.

Mirla G. Raz

I have used my expertise to help children who:

  • stutter
  • have poor articulation making them hard to understand. These children may leave sounds out or use the wrong sounds when they talk.
  • have language problems. Children who have auditory comprehension problems may have trouble following directions accurately, answering questions accurately and/or understanding what others are saying.  Children who have expressive language problems may have errors in grammar, use short or incomplete sentences, have trouble expressing their thoughts, say “never mind” a lot, rely on gestures frequently, become easily frustrated, have tantrums and/or have issues with social communication.

Recently, I have refocused my skills. I now helps parents maximize their children’s developing speech and language skills by coaching and consulting with parents.

Sometimes we get stuck and need suggestions for alternative approaches. At other times, we need input as to how to handle a problem or uncertain as to how to proceed. Whether the SLP needs guidance in helping a child with auditory comprehension, expressive language, the stubborn /r/ sound, lateral /s/, those sometimes hard to achieve /k/ and /g/ sounds and other articulation/phonological issues that come up, I can help. I am able to offer a variety of approaches that will help you help the child. For more complex communication issues, such as a phonological disorder, severe language impairment, a combined speech and language impairment, I help can help you organize a focused and comprehensive treatment plan. Stuttering can be a particularly uncomfortable disorder for some to treat. I will work closely with you to devise a complete treatment plan for the client. I can be there for you and guide you through difficult spots.

For more information – Coaching for SLPs

School IEPs can be confusing. Is the school’s plan the best one for your child? Ms. Raz can help parents navigate the school’s bureaucracy and ensure that their child is getting the best services the school has to offer. Parents who wish to seek out private speech therapy services may need advice when selecting a speech pathologist. Ms. Raz helps parents select the best person to work with their child.

For more information – Consultation for Parents

I now limit my practice to working with children who have severe speech and/or language problems. Below is a rough guideline for determining if your child may have a severe problem:

  • Your child is 3 years-old and strangers have a hard time understanding him/her.
  • Your child gets frustrated easily, refuses to talk or is embarrassed by his/her speech.
  • Your child does not yet use pronouns such as he, she, I, or they correctly.
  • Your child’s vocabulary is inadequate for his/her age.
  • Your child has difficulty answering age appropriate questions correctly.
  • Other children his/her age speak much better.

I accept speech and language evaluation results, from another speech-language pathologist, that are less than 6 months old. If your child has had therapy previously, the most recent progress notes from the therapist are helpful.


The charge for consultation and coaching is $150.00 per hour. Package pricing is available for sessions of 5 at $125.00 per session and is subject to the following:

1. Package pricing is paid in advance.

2. Refunds of any portion of monies, if sessions are cancelled, will change the per session price of used sessions to $150.00/hour. The difference for unused sessions will be refunded.

There will be a $75.00 charge for sessions cancelled less than 24 hours in advance of the scheduled time. There will be a $150.00 charge for no shows.


Tel: 480-231-4019

Email: [email protected]