“I wanted to thank you again for your time and patience in working with Rachel. From a shy little girl hiding behind my legs—softly (barely) speaking to an outspoken confident 5 year old! What a beautiful accomplishment. Thanks so much.”
-Karen O.
“John will be graduating from the honors College with his Bachelor of Arts in and he is graduating summa cum laude. In September he will be going to graduate school in London. I often think that if you had not helped John with his stuttering, things would have turned out differently. I would love to contact all of the teachers that wanted to put John in Special Ed and hold him back in 3rd grade and the speech therapist that tested him and said he did not have a stuttering problem. John is a delight. He is self confident, intelligent and warm caring person. I just wanted tho thank you for all you did for John.”
-Mary H.
“Thank you so much for helping Evan with his speech. He really seemed to enjoy the time he spent with you—not to mention what a remarkable job you did with his speech! Thanks again!”
-Julie M.
“I just wanted to write to express my gratitude in helping Chris. I was hesitant to start his lessons. Thinking this would be something he would outgrow. Now I’m glad I didn’t take the chance. You’ll be glad to know, I think he misses you. Even though he wouldn’t admit it. Thank you again for all our help it has really made a big difference in all our lives. I’m thankful we had a good working relationship which helped everyone involved.”
“my jeff is fab and his speech is his gift….. he is a sophomore…. he is a radio dj, writes for the shows and papers… we thank you from the bottom our hearts.”