Not Up to Snuff: Verb Tense and Multiple Meanings Apps


I have reviewed three apps from Virtual Speech Center and have found each of them to be winners. Unfortunately, I am less impressed with their apps for verbs and multiple meanings. When I set out to review them in October, both of these apps had irregularities. I contacted Beata Karlowski, the developer, to offer her the [...]

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Magical Concepts — Not Magical but a Good App


Magical Concepts: This app, by Virtual Speech Center, is similar to their Auditory Workout app that I reviewed in August, 2011. It has a database that holds the date, time, and score for each session for each student.  Reports can be accessed by activity or date and time. One has the option of emailing reports.  [...]

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I created a website for my mom, who is an aphasic,…


I created a website for my mom, who is an aphasic, it helps her tap out simple social messages and sends them via email to friends and family members. It helps because I get updates throughout the day, then, when I see her later, I have a context to begin our conversation. I made it [...]

I created a website for my mom, who is an aphasic,…2013-02-08T11:27:00+00:00

Three of My Favorite Apps for Conversation


Pictures and photographs have been speech pathologists standard therapy materials for years. Then along came animated programs on computers. Now we have a new generation of options thanks to the tablet market. But what makes the tablet different from the above options? Interactivity. Interactivity is what allows tablets to offer unique learning opportunities. I have [...]

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Animated Apps for Conversation


Animation apps are entertaining for children but can they be effectively used for treatment? I ask this question because I know that there are materials that tend to distract more than help us do our jobs. Story animation apps can fall into this category. I viewed a few and found three apps that can be [...]

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Story Creation Apps for Conversation


I found a few apps that allow children to make up their own stories. The iPad also makes it a fun and easy way for children to start learning the art of creating stories for film and stage. These apps can also be used for descriptive conversation and answering your “wh” questions related to the [...]

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Apps for Getting Children to Converse


Sometimes it can be a challenge to engage children in conversation. One of the ways I have done so is to use what I call conversational materials. Generally, I look to these products when it is time for the child to integrate what she has learned into conversation. These materials encourage children to verbally interact [...]

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A Good App for Who, What, Where, and When Questions


  Questions2Learn was developed by speech pathologist Leanne Pool. Working on who, what, where and when questions is made easy using this app. I like the way the app systematically works on the comprehension of these four questions. The app offers four levels that differ only in the number of pictures from which to select [...]

A Good App for Who, What, Where, and When Questions2017-12-10T19:35:34+00:00

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