Expedition with Plurals: This app offers is a nice selection of regular and irregular plurals to be practiced in the following activities: auditory bombardment, fill-in-the-blank, sentence formulation, picture identification and a memory game that is essentially a picture matching game.  The narration for this app is excellent. The pictures are colorful and appealing. The Settings screen allows one to select a number of features such as automatic paging, and scoring. If one turns off automatic paging a Go button needs to be tapped after the student has tapped on his answer. A third button, Next Page, appears at the bottom of each screen after the student’s response has been determined to be correct or incorrect. This button allows the student to proceed to the next page. Scoring of the students’ responses is done in one of two ways. Picture Identification and Fill In (student needs to select the correct missing word) are automatic. Memory Game and Make Up Sentences are scored either correct or incorrect manually.  The app allows for there to be multiple users during a session by changing the User Alternate Count. This option is great when there are two or more children in one session who are working on the same goals. Reports for each student can be accessed according to the type of activity or date and time. The reports show for which words the response was correct and the percentage correct for the activity. This is a wonderful time saver for those of caught up in mounds of paperwork. Unlike Visual Speech Center’s Auditory Workout and Magical Concepts apps, there is no built-in reward. At a cost of $3.99 this app is money well spent.

Ages: 5-8
Rating: ++++
Developer website: www.virtualspeechcenter.com
Costs: $3.99; Available for iPad/iPhone only