Welcome to my website.

I have pulled together my Help Me Talk Right, Apps for Speech Therapy blog, and Communication Skills Center sites into the one you see here. So much easier now!

The Help Me Talk Right tab at the top of the screen will bring you to the Help Me Talk Right books page.  On the Help Me Talk Right page you will learn about How to Teach a Child to Say the “R” Sound in 15 Easy Lessons, How to Teach a Child to Say the “S” Sound in 15 Easy Lessons and How to Teach a Child to Say the “L” Sound in 15 Easy Lessons. You can hear a sample recording of a child who cannot say the sounds correctly, see the Table of Contents, sample lessons and ordering information. I hope to have my fourth Help Me Talk Right book, on stuttering, up there with the others soon. So please check back.

[notice class=”attention”] Speech Apps is my blog where I review apps that can be used in speech therapy. Many of these apps are great for parents and teachers to use with their children. My reviews point out what I like or don’t like about the apps and then rate them. I offer suggestions for many ways they can be used with children.[/notice]
[notice class=”alert”] Communication Skills Center is the name of my private practice. During my career, I have helped hundreds of children learn to talk normally. It has been enormously satisfying to see these children improve so dramatically with help. Nobody would ever guess that these children had problems at a young age. As gratifying as those years have been, I have decided to focus my energies in a slightly different direction. Rather than provide speech therapy, I will offer coaching and consultation services to parents. My services will appeal to parents who wish to give their children a social and academic jump start during the preschool years. Please check out the Communication Skills page  to learn more.[/notice]
[notice class=”notice”] Now a bit about me.

I am an Arizona licensed speech pathologist and am certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. I have been in private practice for over 30 years working extensively with children who have speech and language problems. I received my Master’s degree from Seton Hall University in New Jersey. After graduation, I decided that I need sun and warmth and so headed south to work for the Volusia County Schools in Daytona Beach Florida. The next year I moved to California where I was offered a job working for the Los Angeles Unified School District in the severe oral language handicapped program. My next move was to UCLA where I worked in the department of Clinical Linguistcs at the Neuropsychiatric Institute. In 1981, I moved to Arizona where I went into private practice. It gives me tremendous satisfaction to know that I have helped hundreds of children gain normal speech and language skills.

In addition to my private practice, I have presented workshops in California and Arizona on children’s speech and language disorders. She has lectured to students in the University of Arizona department of Communication Disorders, parent groups and preschool teachers. I have presented at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association national convention and the New Jersey Speech and Language Association and the Arizona Speech and Hearing Association conventions.I am a contributing author for Children’s Speech Sound Disorder (Bowen, 2009) and will be a contributor to the book’s second edition.

In 1990, I began writing the first of the Help Me Talk Right books—How to Teach a Child to Say the “S” Sound in 15 Easy Lesson. Following the success of that book I wrote How to Teach a Child to Say the “R” Sound in 15 Easy Lesson, and How to Teach a Child to Say the “L” Sound in 15 Easy Lesson. I am currently completing her fourth Help Me Talk Right book that will be on stuttering.

I recently decided to change the focus of my practice. Instead of providing therapy, I will offer my services as a coach and consultant to parents. Please click on the Communication Skills Center tab to learn more. [/notice]