“How to Teach a Child to Say the “L” Sound in 15 Easy Lessons”

This “Help Me Talk Right” book focuses on the “l” sound. It presents an easy to follow, proven step-by-step method of correcting those funny sounding ‘l’s. All the tools and techniques you need for “l” sound correction are included.

Listen to “L” sound:

Free of technical jargon and easy to use, this book is for speech pathologists, speech assistants, and parents who wish to teach a child how to say the “l” sound and use it in conversation. Everything you need to know about teaching a child to say and use the “l” sound is clearly shown in a step-by-step format. Each lesson builds upon the successes of previous lessons so that the child is challenged to use the “l” more often until he is able to use it in conversation. The book comes complete with worksheets, suggestions for games and fun exercises, and a certificate of achievement.

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Excerpted from Help Me Talk Right: How to Teach a Child to Say the “L” Sound in 15 Easy Lessons by Mirla G. Raz.


Sit next to the child. Place the mirror in front of you and the child. Look in the mirror with the child and say,”Look at my tongue. Watch me lift my tongue and put it right behind my front teeth.” Show the child how you lift your tongue and place the tongue tip right behind your top front teeth (see Figure A). Your mouth should be open wide enough for the child to see your tongue movement. Demonstrate this for the child again.

Table of Contents

One: Tongue Positioning
Two: Producing the LLLLL Sound
Three: Initial LLLLL in Simple Syllables
Four: Final LLLLL in Simple Syllables
Five: Initial LLLLL in Simple Words
Six: Final LLLLL in Simple Words
Seven: Pairing Initial LLLLL Simple Words
Eight: Pairing Final LLLLL Simple Words
Nine: Medial LLLLL in Simple Words
Ten: Initial LLLLL in Simple Sentences
Eleven: Final LLLLL in Simple Sentences
Twelve: LLLLL in Blends
Thirteen: Sentences Using Initial, Medial, and Final LLLLL and LLLLL in Blends
Fourteen: Using LLLLL While Playing
Fifteen: Using LLLLL in Conversation
Certificate of Achievement
Appendix A: Worksheets
Appendix B: Activities and Materials


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