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App to Help With Speech Rate

Turtle Talk: by Aptus Speech & Language Therapy. I recently reviewed Keywords Understanding by this same developer. I am more impressed with Turtle Talk. This app is simple in nature but it does the job in a way I think children will respond to and enjoy. This app is designed to help children reduce their rate of speech and pace themselves. However, I would also use this with children whose speech may be too slow.

The app consists of one screen with six turtles holding cell phones.  The child presses on a turtle and says a syllable or word. Once the turtle has completely filled with color and turned around, the child moves on to the next turtle. If the child releases the turtle before the turtle has turned around, the words “Too Quick” flashes. There is a slider bar at the bottom of the screen that can be adjusted to the desired  speed by moving the bar dot right or left. The turtle fills with color at a rate specific to the adjustment on the slider bar.

The app developer states that this app can be used for children who have “imprecise articulation.” I was not sure what the developer meant by “imprecise articulation” so I queried the developer. Ms. Qurran wrote, “Imprecise articulation is unclear speech e.g. some sounds may not be accurate particularly if the child is talking too fast.”

The app offers a selection of conversation categories. They are: Activities & Cultural Things, Family, Friends & Pets, School, Opinions, More About You, and If Questions. One can also opt for no categories or a random presentation. If a category is selected, a question or topic discussion is written at the top of the screen.

My standard rate reduction tool had been “speeding tickets.” Now, here is an app that I feel will replace those speeding tickets.

Age: 4-8


Developer: Aptus Speech and Language Therapy

Cost: $4.99


About the Author:

Mirla G. Raz
I am an Arizona licensed speech pathologist and am certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. I have been in private practice for over 30 years working extensively with children who have speech and language problems. I received my Master’s degree from Seton Hall University in New Jersey. After graduation, I decided that I need sun and warmth and so headed south to work for the Volusia County Schools in Daytona Beach Florida. The next year I moved to California where I was offered a job working for the Los Angeles Unified School District in the severe oral language handicapped program. My next move was to UCLA where I worked in the department of Clinical Linguistics at the Neuropsychiatric Institute. In 1981, I moved to Arizona where I went into private practice. It gives me tremendous satisfaction to know that I have helped hundreds of children gain normal speech and language skills.

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