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Free Apps I Recommend   Grasshopper Apps puts out a series of “I Like” ebooks for children that are great. Each book of the series focuses on a specific topic and the photographs are excellent. What I like about the photographs is that they exude warmth. The reading level for each is first grade for [...]

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I use a vocabulary flashcard app (by www.superflas…


I use a vocabulary flashcard app (by for Android and iOS, they have pronunciation and image for each word. I spend 2 hours with this app everyday, sometimes I also create new flashcards on what I want to focus on.

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Articulation Station Pro


There are articulation apps available that those of us who travel will find handy because they save us the hassle of schlepping cards around. They are not animated so they get no points for animation and interactivity. But then the iPad is a convenient tool as one may find this app to be as well. [...]

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The App Development Learning Curve


Those readers who read my earlier posts know that I began developing an app nearly a year ago. I had hired a local company called Zenuity. They had an impressive office in a building about ten minutes from my home. The first person I met was Earl Mincer. He was the lead tech man of [...]

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Great Middle and High School Dictionary Apps


The Enchanted Dictionary: Apps for our profession continue to get better and better. The Enchanted Dictionary apps for 4-6thand 7-12th grades are proof of how far app developers have come in producing apps that utilize the wonders of the iPad as they teach and challenge children. These two creative apps are not dictionaries in the [...]

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Apps and EBP


When I review apps, my years of experience play a significant role in my assessments of the usefulness of apps. I rarely base my reviews on research to determine if the app is evidence based.  This is because research is time consuming and the reviews of apps take a considerable amount of my time. However, [...]

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