Stuttering Tips for Parents


This week I wrote I wrote a post for Teresa Sadowki's blog The School Speech Therapist.  In it, I give SLPs tips that they can pass on to parents of preschoolers who stutter. You can find the post at:

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Consultation for Parents


Are you concerned that your child has not yet started using real words or has not begun putting words together such as “more milk?” Do strangers have a hard time understanding your two or three year old? Does it seem like other children your child’s age speak better than he does? Does your young child [...]

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Preschool Stuttering Ebook


I am hoping to have the Preschool Stuttering: What Parent's Can Do ebook uploaded next week. I am hoping to make it available in all English speaking countries. It will be available at Amazon. Stay tuned for more information.

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Six More Language Adaptable Apps


Where Am I?: There are vocabulary apps that focus strictly on vocabulary and then there are these apps that go an extra step. Where Am I apps show targeted vocabulary and then place each in its appropriate scene on the following screen. Thus, one can talk about where the object is, what it is doing, [...]

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