DrawMD Speech Pathology: by Virtual Health, Inc.

I received a request to review Draw MD and it did not take long for me to be impressed with it, especially its clear and realistic drawings. I rarely used medical drawings in my practice because, well, they were not at my fingertips. Now they are. I love the setup of the app and its ease of navigation. E devices were made for apps like this one.

The home page of this app offers life-like shots of the head, oral cavity, larynx, hard/soft palate, thoracic area and the left brain. One can add to this selection by using a photo from one’s library. There is also the option of taking a photograph with one’s iPad. Each of the app’s life-like shots has affiliated images that are within the Stamps category at the bottom of the screen. Tap on Stamps and a different options appear. For instance, the Stamps for the Head shot are: laryngectomy, sagittal, cutaway sagittal no tongue, tonsillectomy, anterior tongue, palatal tongue, posterior sagittal tongue, tongue protruded, adenoid hypertrophy, and tracheostomy. These images are viewed on a screen that overlays the main image of the head. To the left of the overlay screen is a search button. Tap on it and one can browse the related condition, procedure or anatomy by tapping on one of these categories. Thus, if I tap on Condition the subcategories of adenoid, adenoid hypertrophy, cancer, chronic rhinitis, hypertrophy, laryngeal, sleep apnea, snoring and tonsillitis appear. Tap on any of these and a picture of adenoid hypertrophy opens.  Then tap on adenoid hypertrophy and the location on the original head image near the ear is indicated with arrows. Tap on this zone, the arrows disappear and an image of the disorder is left.

The fun does not end with the above. This app allows one to type in one’s own descriptions, draw or write on images, select normal, bold, or italic font, font size and color. Stamps can be scaled, rotated, brought forward or sent backward. And drawings can be saved and shared.

This app is perfect for voice therapy. I could also see using some of the pictures for articulation therapy. Perhaps there are middle and high school students who would like viewing the pictures with question and commentary follow-up.

Among the other DrawMD apps speech paths might be interested in are ENT and pediatrics.

Ages: 6-adult


Developer’s Website: www.drawmd.com

Cost: Free