Questions2Learn was developed by speech pathologist Leanne Pool. Working on who, what, where and when questions is made easy using this app. I like the way the app systematically works on the comprehension of these four questions. The app offers four levels that differ only in the number of pictures from which to select when responding to the narrator’s question. There are three pictures presented for Level 1, four for Level 2, five for Level 3 and no pictures for Level 4, thus requiring a verbal answer. The user listens to the narrator’s statement and then taps on the correct picture. The app can be used without adult supervision but it is probably best to supervise. That is because the child can eventually get to the right answer by randomly selecting pictures. The app questions are categorized into school, home, food and drink, community and health. One can modify the category and type of question in settings. Additionally, one has the option of modifying and customizing questions and images. Thus, one can tailor the app to a particular student, school curriculum or subject by inserting the relevant pictures and narration. 
The reward for selecting the correct photograph is a screen that shows one of Ms. Pool’s brown or black labs accompanied by verbal praise. The app offers data collection and group use of up to four students. I like the specifics of the data collected. It shows the date, level, category and whether or not a visual prompt was used. The data for the number of correct responses is shown in percentages for each “wh” question. Thus, life is made a bit easier when inputting information on progress notes, IEPs, and all those other forms we love to hate. 
The full version of the app offers 262 questions and an unlimited number of students entered into the database.  The lite version offers 20 questions (five of each question type), data collection for three students and limitations on the customization features.
I have awarded this app 2 ½ pluses. The app would have been rated higher if there had been animation, more interactivity, and a more appealing reward.
Ages: 4-8
Ratings: ++1/2
Developer website:
Cost: $9.99, Lite version is free