I posted blog on December 26, 2011 about apps we can use for associations. The other day I downloaded a new app that fits into that category—Things That Go Together. The pictures are clear and nicely laid out. One moves the picture on the left to fit into the corresponding empty box next to its correct association on the right. One can select to start out with 1 picture association and go as high as 8. One has the option to select or deselect various sounds. There is glitch in this app that results in sound overlay between, “Which items go together” and  verbal praise so it might be best to deselect “Success Sounds” until the problem is fixed. One also has to the option of recording one’s own sounds.
Ages: 4-8; aphasic adults, or adults with dementia
Ratings: ++++
Developer’s website: Grasshopperapps.com
Cost: Free