A colleague asked for my suggestions for apps a parent can use with a 2 year old. She wrote, “I need some advice on a brand new client of mine.  I met him for the first time this week.  I will be seeing him at his preschool for one hour a week. This boy is 2 y.o..  His dad has an iPad and says that he enjoys using it.  (I don’t own an iPad).  Once this boy warms up to you, he does “speak” but you can understand one single thing he says.  It is all jargon.  I am questioning whether he may be on the ASD spectrum.  I am wondering if there are any apps I can suggest to the parents for them to use at home and/or to use in therapy if they will “lend” me the iPad for the sessions.  I am not technology savvy when it comes to Apps and I would greatly appreciate any advice on where to start with this boy in terms of technology recommendations.  (and any other Tx recommendations!).  HELP!”
I wrote back and asked what the short-term goals were. She answered, “Some of his Short-Term goals include :  use 10 gestures/signs in songs/play; use mama or dada; answer simple questions with single words; name pix in a book; name snack given choice of 2.
Here were my suggestions:
Nonverbal communication: Toddler Sign (iSpeech), Pics Aloud, Smart Hands

Books: I Like Books—these are wonderful apps. There is a whole series of these iBooks.
Answer simple questions: Kindergarten.com has a few apps you might want to look at. The pictures lend themselves to asking simple questions.
Snacks: I would use the real thing instead of an app for this one.
Talking: Chippy Talk, Talking Gina, Talking Anya, Talking Ben. These apps could be used to encourage the child make sounds/say words.
Others: Spot the Animals, Peekaboo Pets, Baby

I also suggested that she instruct the parents on how to best stimulate speech and language development interactively. I would show them what is done during sessions and ask them to do the same. I have handouts I give to the parents to help them. I offered to email the suggestions. If any follower of this blog would like the same, please let me know and I will post it as a blog.