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Final App Development Update


Last August I posted on my debacle with the first app developer I hired. Unfortunately, the news on the second guy I hired is equally dire. Last May, I contacted a developer whose app I had downloaded and liked. It had animation, was interactive and fun. We Skyped and got to know each other a [...]

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Speech FlipBook


Speech FlipBook: The developers of this app state, "This is a tool rather than a therapy program..." This is an important warning. That is because this is an app that focuses on the production of sounds. I have lost count of the number of times I have negatively reviewed apps because the developer has delved [...]

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Impressive Language Apps


Between the Lines Levels 1 and 2: Patti Hamaguchi has succeeded again in raising the bar for excellence in apps. These apps give us a good reason to swap our paper materials for the latest in technology.Each Between the Lines app targets listening skills, language comprehension and reasoning skills (inferences, the understanding of idioms and [...]

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