A Basic Following Directions App


Keywords Understanding This app, developed by Aptus Speech and Language Therapy, is essentially a following directions/auditory comprehension app.  One can work on simple one step instructions, such as "Which one is (color or size)?" or "Touch the (object)." One can increase the complexity by adding color + size to the task such as "Touch the [...]

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12 Things You Should Not Say to a Preschool Child Who May Be Stuttering


If you hear your preschooler start to stutter, don't panic. Most children will stop on their own. To help your child,  avoid saying the following: "Say it again."  "Say it like me" "Speak slower." "Slow down" "Think before you speak." "Think about how you are talking." "I'm not going to listen to you if you [...]

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DrawMD is free and fascinating


DrawMD Speech Pathology: by Virtual Health, Inc. I received a request to review Draw MD and it did not take long for me to be impressed with it, especially its clear and realistic drawings. I rarely used medical drawings in my practice because, well, they were not at my fingertips. Now they are. I love [...]

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Getting Children to Converse–Absurdities


I have decided to deviate from strictly reviewing apps for speech and expand into therapy techniques I have accumulated over the years. In this post, I will be suggesting using absurdities to elicit conversation. I suppose one can make one's own pictures. But since I am not the creative, crafty or artistic type, I rely [...]

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Preschool Stuttering Ebook


I am hoping to have the Preschool Stuttering: What Parent's Can Do ebook uploaded next week. I am hoping to make it available in all English speaking countries. It will be available at Amazon. Stay tuned for more information.

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Verb Fun


Before I review Fun with Verbs and Sentences I would like to update you on Preschool Stuttering: What Parents Can Do.  It is now with the typesetter. I have done quite a bit of revising so hopefully the most recent is the last. Fun with Verbs and Sentences: by Patti Hamaguchi. When I review apps, [...]

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Preschool Stuttering: What Parents Can Do


  I know that I have been a bit lax in my app reviews lately. The reason is that I am getting ready to publish my fourth Help Me Talk Right book, Preschool Stuttering: What Parents Can Do. It is written and with the typesetter. Once it is typeset, it will be off to the [...]

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Laureate First Words App


Laureate First Words: A couple of years back I worked with a seven-year-old autistic nonverbal child. His receptive skills were limited to being able to point to a few common items consistently. I pulled out all the stops trying to move this child forward. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful in making an small difference in his [...]

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Announcement: A New Help Me Talk Right book coming soon


I am excited to announce the upcoming publication of my fourth Help Me Talk Right book: Preschool Stuttering: What Parents Can Do. I have set a target of date of November for the publication. It will be available in paperback and electronically. The book will be a great resource for parents. Parents will understand what [...]

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Speech Therapy for Apraxia


                             Speech Therapy for Apraxia: In order for me to recommend a therapy app, I need to feel that it can simplify the life of the therapist and will be a fun learning experience for children. Unfortunately, Speech Therapy for Apraxia fulfills neither of these requirements. This app was developed by Blue Whale Apps [...]

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