Heather – You don't have to be a technical designer to create apps – you just need to know one. What we need are more SLPs to AUTHOR apps – meaning you create the content and draw up your own ideas for the layout and interactivity.
You can pay a private techie to code it for you and then release it to iTunes to get 70% of all sales on your app (Apple takes 30% off the top of ANY app they sell). Or you can go to a company already designing, producing, and advertising apps for SLPs (such as Smarty Ears) and get a smaller royalty off the sales of your app without worrying about paying someone up front to code it. With this option you can also slouch off a considerable amount of responsibility for updates and maintenance of the app over time.
To answer your unspoken question, I have co-authored an app and have a second app in development currently so I'm speaking from experience.
I would encourage ANYONE who has an idea of how they would like an app to function, to author it! Please, SLPs, we implore you to start trying it!