Well put, Lexical linguist.
This is a learning process, similar to writing then publishing a book. I decided to self-publish the Help Me Talk Right books and I'm happy I did.
I'll admit that it was scary at first. It seemed that publishing was only what big knowledgeable companies did. How could one person like me do it? I did my research and found that the publishing business is not as onerous as I had imagined. The initial start-up costs were quickly recouped with sales. Reprints and update expenses for the books were far less than the initial costs. Yes, one does need to put in the work, but it is worth it because what you put into it, you benefit from in satisfaction and monetarily. I absolutely found the process was much easier than I had anticipated.
I have started searching for an app developer to bring to fruition my first app. Right now I am learning about costs. I plan on posting periodic updates on the process as I go through it.