While I am very disturbed at the blog post, and like Sean Sweeney I never like engaging in such a negative dialog, I felt the need to bring a couple things to your attention: Yes, I did review a couple of my 40 apps and I CHOSE to display my name so that I am transparent as to who I am rather than (which I could have) hidden behind a login name such “SLP1983” or “thereviewer22”. Rather I openly displayed who I am as I do so on ALL my presentations. You may be unaware of the fact that we have over 15 speech-language pathologist who have published with us and I want them to know that I like the app and appreciate all the thought they have put into the app. The authors are usually really happy to read my reviews, either on a blog, a presentation or on iTunes. Wrongful would be if I had hidden behind a fake name or ID to provide a “review”.
As to what you call “marketing strategy” for using EBP, that just baffles me as you are an SLP and should be PUSHING for other SLP App developers to make sure that ALL apps developed by SLPs are focusing on being based on what the research has shown us. Lastly but not least, why do you feel like Smarty Ears is under any obligation to give you our apps for free so that you can do a review? Yes, we do give them to bloggers and reviewers, however our resources are limited and we are not able to accommodate everyone. I am sorry about that, but making a blog to “write unbiased reviews” does not make anyone entitled to FREE CODES for app reviews. I did not mean to sound too critical but I do not feel that this post was done in a fair, balanced, or even with the “SLP hat on”, so I wanted to provide our perspective on it.
Finally, I am trying not to end on a negative tone and I would like to say that I am very proud to have been developing apps for SLPs way before the iPad was even developed. Apps such as Mobile Articulation Probes (the first articulation app on the app store) and Match2Say were one of the first apps for speech therapy on the app store and I am proud to say I brought them to life and we work very hard to update and improve the apps as we learn what works and what does not (as someone else commented). Match2Say as you call “unattractive” was in fact the FIRST app for speech therapy on the app store to have ANY AUDIO built in. Yes, app history matters, after that all other SLP apps started adding audio to their apps. 😉 Including us on our other apps. While other developers may never update to improve their apps, Smarty Ears is ALWAYS updating and improving their apps.
Many speech therapists and parents are now innovating and giving life to apps that are indeed revolutionizing speech therapy. It is only because of those few VERY SMALL companies such as Tactus Therapy, Speech with Milo, ArtikPix, and Smarty Ears that our profession has so many apps available. I am proud to be part of a team that is making a difference!